My gremlin ate my graph


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Anonymous at 18:42 on 30 Oct 2015

No idea of the context of this, not clear what I can do with this and why is useful

Anonymous at 20:20 on 30 Oct 2015

I didnt understand what was the intention of the talk until the end. I can see a lot of potential in gremlin to detect most called functions (for optimizing) or to see unused code (for cleaning projects)

Anonymous at 09:27 on 31 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 12:00 on 31 Oct 2015

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Anonymous at 21:00 on 31 Oct 2015

Interesting talk and tool to navigate and query graph databases. I liked it but was missing a clear introduction to understand better what you were going to talk about.

I was expecting something great from Damien, as I still remember the talk he did years ago in a previous Barcelona Conference (it was about analyzing a project code, with lots of useful references). But I was disappointed to see this one, with a too detailed explanation of the query language, almost boring. Despite it could be useful in some cases, it was perhaps too focused on a particular case.

The topic lacked of a clear directin from the beginning, making me think what was the speaker's intention. Now I keep wondering.

At the end of the talk became clear that this stuff can be useful but I would have probably preferred a topic about that usefulness, with real examples, than the explanation about the language syntax that was given.

Agree with Julio's and Jordi's Martinez comments.

I had seen Graph databases come by many times, after this talk I finally know what they are about. Was a specific application of them and not really sure what this talk did on a PHP conf, but very enlightening and deep.

It was a good introduction to Gremlin, but kind of lacked PHP focus until the very end, when it came clear when this can be useful. I liked the way it was explained, however, plain and understandable.

Anonymous at 22:55 on 3 Nov 2015

The tool is quite interesting but honestly I think it would have helped the talk to express more clearly it intentions from the begining. I remember found myself halfway the talk a little lost and not knowing where the speaker was going with all of this.