The road to continuous deployment


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Oriol Barcelona at 16:58 on 31 Oct 2015

Good energy and interesting talk. Use case well explained.

Excellent description of a real situation, quite similar to the ones we face every day at work. Also a very good speaker.

Slides could be improved putting some more effort on it.

Anonymous at 23:44 on 31 Oct 2015

Perfect for day to day work. Interesting talk, concepts (not new but well exposed), and good pace and key points, including DB migrations! "Just don't do it" And explained how to do it in several steps, cool! :)

Good talk, very applicable and good level of detail. Also a good speaker, maybe a bit more detail and a bit less introduction, but that's just because of where we are already. Well done.

Interesting talk and a clear lively speech, good use cases and nice slides. I was expecting more content about feature flags, however.

Nice to see I'm not alone disliking migrations :P

Nice pace, easy to follow and well developed storyline.
Would have liked a deeper explanation on feature flags.