Putting our tools into our conversations


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Really good talk, I like the brief overview of the history of chat-ops, as well as the consideration of alternatives.

I've seen this talk before, and am happy to see its evolved since its inception.
It now includes a live demo, which I think really helps people who haven't seen Slack or bots within Chat before understand how the interaction works, and the benefits of having persistent logs of what the bots are doing.

Great talk that I think almost everyone could use for work. David did talk very fast and perhaps could have slowed down a tiny bit to help information absorption. Also it would have been nice to see a PHP bot implementation but he did disclaim at the very beginning that there was no PHP.

I hope to have a play with our robot friends later today and see what I can break with it!

I can see what Tom's saying about the pace of your talk, but I personally appreciated the condensed transfer of information.

As I said afterwards, it's not something I currently have a use case for but you definitely got me interested. This is a new concept that I can see myself using in the right situation.

No faults found, thank you!