Drinking Beer With a Raspberry Pi and PHP


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Anonymous at 09:33 on 17 Dec 2015

Very interesting, definitely something I am interested in implementing and expanding on.

Fun, informative, slightly chaotic (in a good, amusing way), and mildly inspiring to get a Pi to do something with this GPIO thing, except I have no idea what I'd actually do with it still >.<

A fun and cool project; although there were a few slight hitches, it was a decent proof of concept and provided a good explanation of where the failure points were - a nice introduction to electronics for programmers, and provides inspiration for future Pi projects.

Anonymous at 10:12 on 17 Dec 2015

Excellent talk on the hardware and software side of things. Even a bit of python in there! If I have some constructive feedback, I would ask the speaker to not sway from side to side so much while speaking, but maybe this was just the cider :) Really enjoyed it!

Fantastic talk filled with enthusiasm and it was good to have the practical/hands-on element.

Today I learnt that developers actually use raspberry pis for real things... eventually.