Have you already mastered you object-oriented skills? Want to practice something new and interesting? I have a special tutorial for you and it will teach you new programming paradigm called AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming)! In this tutorial we will review general terms and rules of this paradigm, then we continue with practical part and will use the Go! AOP framework for our demo application. We will learn different pointcut types for method interception, class initialization, property access and apply them to our code. Last hour we will use for learning AOP patterns like caching, logging and much more.


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Thanks for that great workshop. It really got me great insights in whats possible with AOP.
Especially the examples where to use it in practice where super valuable for me, because AOP introduces quite some "magic", which must understood to be able to experience full power.

Having a container-setup for the participants is probably a must-have for the next workshop to save some time and get everybody started quickly, as time is limited.