Having code that is not coupled with any framework has a lot of profits. There is a small probability that you will be changing framework during your project lifecycle, but that kind of approach gives you easy way to reuse some of your functionalities across different styles of user interaction. GUI? API? Console command? Easy peasy with small effort. Everything with high understanding of domain you are working for.

During this workshop Michał and Dariusz will show you how to work close with business can help you creating clean code, that you will love to work with in long term projects. Attendees will use Behat and PHPSpec to design how their system will communicate internally between their component and with the outside world.

Next step will be integration of that framework agnostic application with Symfony 4. You will learn how to do that in loosely coupled way, where Symfony will be tool that helps you work faster, but don’t dictate you how your application should be written. In this part you will get familiar with bunch of Symfony components. We will start from the beginning and build application using components like: routing, Doctrine, Twig, forms, validation and more. And we will do that on top of domain code developed in first part of workshop. If you have never used Symfony, this workshop will get you started.


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Very thorough

hbea2014 at 10:29 on 27 Oct 2018

Very good, Michał and Dariusz know the topic, present it well and progressively and they are REALLY willing to help you!
Very good workshop, very worth it!

Natasha Wylie at 10:26 on 29 Oct 2018

Very thorough workshop and learnt a lot. Thank you to Michał and Dariusz for delivering.