As developers we write code everyday, only to frown at it a week after that. Why do we have such a hard time with code written by others and ourselves, this raging desire to rewrite everything we see? Writing code that survives the test of time and self judgment is a matter of clarity and simplicity. Let's talk about growing, learning and improving our code with calisthenics, readability and good design.


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Great talk, but Rafael has been doing it for at least 3 years (I saw it in 2016) and nothing changed with that lecture since than...

hbea2014 at 21:01 on 28 Oct 2018

Great talk

I haven't seen this talk before and it was absolutely great! Not packed with strictly technical information but meant to gently push people in the right direction and inspire them to be better developers and constantly improve.

A worthy closing keynote for a good conference!

Jakub Nowak at 22:53 on 28 Oct 2018

Thanks for a great talk :)

Anonymous at 08:43 on 29 Oct 2018

Talk is well prepared, Rafael is a very good presenter. I found the contents of this talk too generic though. I had a feeling it is mostly motivational but does not bring much of technical value :(

Very good talk! Worth 5/5 :).

Rafael is really great speaker - that presentation was overview of things I have known already but it was pleasure to listen regardless from that

Miro Svrtan at 10:27 on 30 Oct 2018

I saw this talk some years ago and it's still so relevant (which I'm bit sad TBH). As always, slides looked amazing, speaker was clear and entertaining (especially all 'not you Marco'/'except Marco' comments :) )

If he didn't move 'object calisthenics' from rules to guidelines + making them bit stronger, it would have been a clear 4*, I love how he did understand that enforcing rules doesn't necessarily help devs (IMHO it just makes developers find cases where it doesn't work)

Great presentation skills and very interesting topic. NIH and PIE are so true and the 10 exercises worth trying. Thanks!