Over the past decade, we've seen frameworks bloom, die, be replaced and re-born. We've seen good practices, anti-patterns and generally styles of coding come and go. What's the takeaway from the last decade of framework development? Where are we going? What should we explore next? We'll look at a brief history of frameworks, at which practices emerged from the various communities, and which of them survived and evolved, as well as recommendations to keep pushing forward.


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Not your typical Marco (speaking about Doctrine)... Excellent lecture with great examples

Miro Svrtan at 14:23 on 27 Oct 2018

Great trip down PHP history, from 1 file procedural code to modern frameworks and middleware approaches.

For 5* I would suggest going bit deeper with middlewares (from the slides they seemed to be one-directional) and discuss some of the cons of using them (as I'm pretty sure it's not all butterflies)

P.S. I dont agree that middleware and FP/pipe are same, especially due to middleware bi-directional behaviour.

Mihail Irintchev at 19:34 on 27 Oct 2018

The first part made me cry from shame, exposing all the stupid (from current perspective) solutions I've done... then in the second part motivated me for all the things I started doing right :)

hbea2014 at 20:38 on 28 Oct 2018

You just blew my mind, Marco! Thank you so much for sharing those very interesting ideas! It really helped me to grasp how come middleware is so useful!

A well prepared talk with lots of interesting and funny examples showing evolution of PHP code and PHP developers. The middleware stuff - no solution is perfect. I would love to see some drawbacks of this solution during the presentation

Seems that middlewares can be the thing, would like to hear abot disadventages as well but overall it was really great presentation