Can you start a new project from scratch instead of maintaining legacy one? You're the lucky one! I want to talk how a good project should look like, from analysis phase till release and later maintenance. Talk will mostly about signaling important things to focus on like requirements analysis, code structure, code review, TDD, continuous integration, monitoring, performance tests etc. I don't want to go in-depth on every one of them but give you hints what is important and what to read more about and in which direction you should make research if you want to improve your skills, have a better project and be calm during next project release. During the talk I'll go through each phase of project lifetime and say what you as a developer should do on each of them to limit the possibility of ending up with legacy code.


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Miro Svrtan at 14:18 on 27 Oct 2018

Topic is really interesting, Pawel did a good job but at moments I feel it had too much theory and not enough personal experiences and or suggestions inside.

For 4*: add some examples or suggestions on topics, there was more than enough time left to have those sprinkled
For 5*: at moments speaker was monotonous, should be raising/lowering the voice in order to give focus on some details

Nice topic, but there could be more energy while speaking

Pim Elshoff at 18:41 on 27 Oct 2018

Very decent with lot's of potential. For a 4/5 I want to see more examples and a call to action (you had time) and for 5/5 show more energy on stage.

Karol Kreft at 19:56 on 31 Oct 2018

Good talk, I didn't have a chance to see Paweł on stage before, but the company he is part of is widely known at least in Poland. I also knew that his talks often go beyond technical details and cover topics on the higher level of abstraction. That was unusual on phpCE because most of the talks I saw was very close to the code.

Slides were prepared with attention to details, more energy would be appreciated especially that Pawel's talk was on the morning.