Does managing YAML, XML or PHP container configurations make you sad? Do you dread making changes to your classes’ dependencies for fear of the inevitable container configuration wiring blues? Life doesn’t have to be this way! Not if your container supports autowiring, that is. Hear one developer’s journey into the wild world of containers, learn how autowiring works, and find out how using autowiring can free you from having to manually configure every dependency.


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The talk included a good overview of different injection container implementations and usage examples. The speaker kind of followed the evolution of injection containers in the PHP world, exposing the pros and cons of different solutions (Pimple, Laravel Container, Symfony DIC) and their development in time/versions.
Good informative talk with clear code examples. Useful information, regardless if you worked with dependency injection containers before or that was your first time hearing a talk on the topic.

If you ever wonder how DI containers work and how they got where they are in PHP this is the talk for you. Beau showed different examples from his own experience and how each framework and library handles the concept. What they did right and what they did wrong and ended up with a short history of the evolution of the Symfony DI component up until the current version that fully supports autowiring.

Anonymous at 08:27 on 29 Oct 2018

A good overview of DI container implementations

Great overview of how autowiring works. Good work!

I really liked the comparison between different solutions but also showing the advantages of autowiring itself. Thank you!