Image processing using neural networks is one of the hottest topics related to artificial intelligence. During the lecture I will show the basics of neural networks on the example of recognizing hand-written numbers. In order to accurately show the mechanisms of neural networks, the code used is written in 'pure' PHP, without the use of external libraries.


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For the Geek room, that was a REALLY geek talk, I couldn't expect anything different.

An advice for the speaker: a little, just a little bit of work on the slides, especially in the code part, maybe simplifying it or make it more readable, would make this talk awesome. Besides that, awesome talk!

Rated 5

Ján Koščo at 16:17 on 28 Oct 2018

It quite shames that I wasn't taught neural networks this way on college. Great introduction with hands-on example and right amount of algebra in presentation.

Rated 5

Tomasz Paloc at 23:18 on 13 Nov 2018

One of the most interesting lectures at this year's conference