By now we've all heard what Domain Driven Design is about. Some of us have actually tried it. When we did, we stumbled upon the fact that the frameworks we use do not help us a lot with shaping our code in a domain driven manner. Actually, they were in the way. DDD and the generic MVC frameworks we use are an oxymoron. Still, we don't want to loose all the sweet tools that help us deal with the HTTP and the Console. In this talk I'll tell you how we changed our view perspective on input/output/request/response, pushed the framework in the infrastructure corner and cleaned ourselves some space for sweet DDD.


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Great presentation with nice examples and a few laughs... Announcement about restarting PHP Bulgaria conference: woo-hoo... You wouldn't notice that this was Milkos first conference speech ever

The speaker was confident and passionate about the topic, which made perform very well on stage. The topic was presented in a clear manner, defending the thesis about the domain-driven reorganization of the application structure itself. A balanced view of the usage of the framework was presented.
The session generated good amount of interest in the audience, provoking questions. Milko was able to clearly address them.
A lot of positive energy and ability to handle unexpected technical difficulties (disconnecting display) was displayed. I'd say I enjoy Milko's presentation style and looking forward to attending more talks by him in future.

The content was solid and definitely a good first step in the right direction for anyone looking to get started with DDD and minimize their dependency on their framework. With some of the examples I expected him to go a bit further but it's still a great primer in the subject. I liked that he didn't spend half the time explaining terminology that usually happens in such talks.

Generally he was fun, energetic and didn't mind answering a bunch of very intense questions at the end.

The only thing I would like to see in future talks is for him to speak just a bit slower.

All in all for a first conference talk and especially a first talk in English (not hist native language) Milko did a fantastic job.