To build a PHP Skill for your Alexa Skill Server is easy at the moment, cause there are lots of tutorials. But what about NLU. NLU is Natural Language Understanding, which means Lerning and Understaning Konverstations. There are several provides to serve NLU, but none of them keeps the data in your hands. But what to do if you do not like to share your data with the NSA? I found a solution, which we use to enrich our chat bot with some inteligence. As we used to know mashine learning that tool is writen in Python. If you do not whant to learn an other language, we can go through the API by implementing an PHP Adapter. That means: at the end we will have a little PHP library to get in touch with NLU. A library to train a conversation model to or to get sorted intents, whith sorted entities carrying the important of our conversation.


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