It seems to be almost a weekly occurrence that another company makes the news headlines for being hacked and in the process disclosing sensitive user data and company secrets. These security meltdowns can cause catastrophic effects to the company in lost user trust and huge costs putting things right. A nuclear power plant is considered one of the most dangerous things mankind has built, yet they very rarely go wrong. The systems engineering that goes into making nuclear power plants safe is a fascinating topic to study but on the surface it seems entirely irrelevant to PHP developers. In this talk I'm going to show you how this level of safety is achieved, what happens when it goes wrong and then see what lessons we, as PHP developers, can learn from it to help us secure our applications from meltdown.


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The information in the talk is solid and the delivery was also good. At some point the metaphors stopped working for me and I got a bit carried away with the power plant stuff and didn't pay that much attention to the actual software part.

But I will definitely check it out again when the videos are out to se if I understood right.

hbea2014 at 20:52 on 28 Oct 2018

Great idea of using the theme of nuclear plants and planes to inspire a reflection on security. I kind of missed something more concrete though, regarding the software part. I found it was kind of lacking and making the talk a bit dry. Another thing, it looked like Chris was ready notes from times to times.
Lots of good ideas, lot of work put into it, just try to make it more practical and more fun and it will be perfect!