Let's talk about the story of PHP so far, PHP 7.3, his performance, static analysis and a new low-overhead profiler. Then I answer your questions with a pleasure.


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Looking forward to seeing the opcache on my website...

Great speech by the man who made all this possible... Loved ranting on Java :)

I enjoyed the stories about php and how everything got started, the information about php 7.3 was also great. And people had some interesting questions in the Q&A part which he answered in detail.

The only not so good thing is that it went a bit overtime.

hbea2014 at 20:49 on 28 Oct 2018

Great talk by the one and only ;)

Jan Drábek at 07:29 on 29 Oct 2018

Great talk a bit of history and bit of future!

Really funny part of presentation about history of php. Really good to learn as well whatcwe will have in new version of language

Great summary of PHP's history and excellent presentation skills. Thanks!