At iolevel, we are developing Peachpie, the modern PHP compiler and runtime for .NET and .NET Core, sponsored by the .NET Foundation. Peachpie is a complete re-implementation of the entire PHP runtime and libraries in C# and is capable of running entire real world applications on .NET, such as WordPress, Symfony or MediaWiki. The goal of the project is to allow developers to combine the simplicity and ease of development of PHP with the performance, stability and security of .NET.


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Miro Svrtan at 10:04 on 30 Oct 2018

Wow, PHP on .NET!! Very interesting idea and a nice presentation of it. While prerecorded demo was a nice addition, I felt it was more of a project presentation, I would like to have seen more details how I can call other languages from PHP and vice versa.

For 4* try to focus more on technical details and not on how Visual Studio works.
For 5* try to do the talk more as a duo, switching around on the topics and not like one person is talking and then when a technical question comes in, other one picks it up.