If you look at the stage of any conference in the PHP world, people are preaching testing,testing,testing ... If you on the other hand look at the community, the percentage of people writing tests is really low. As a person who went from 'How can I ask for more time/money/resources for testing?' through 'ask for forgiveness instead of permission', to person who writes tests a lot, I still believe testing doesn't make sense. No, it doesnt make sense for all and everyone, often enough it makes no sense for me too. This talk will explore that fuzzy line when you have to shift your mind from one side to the other: in both directions.


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Although Miro says that this talk is cursed, it went well (when it started). The topic and the execution was spot-on as always
For 6 stars: learn slovakian :)

I saw this talk in Serbia several months back and found it a little confusing.

This time Miro was clearer with his message and shared some very interesting lessons that he learned over the years.
But be prepared most of the time testing still makes sense but it's especially important to be able to recognize the situations when it doesn't and he explained those very well.

I was especially glad to see that this time he didn't have any technical issues during the talk.

The talk is well prepared, with lots of humor. Author tried to show the value of testing of your applications. He took a healthy approach where testing is guided by its value. I liked all fallacies against testing and arguments against them.

I would say that topic is a clickbait ;) This presentation is more about when testing have sense. Well played Miro, Well played ;)

Pim Elshoff at 10:36 on 30 Oct 2018

Clickbait title, funny pictures... I was almost sad that there was actually some nuance. A topic everyone comes up to at some point in there career, and Miro provides a good short cut based on his own experience.

Miro Svrtan (Speaker) at 21:12 on 31 Oct 2018

Thank you all for feedback!

@Boyan: After first time doing this talk (it was at PHP Serbia where you saw it) I decided that I need to nail down some of the details bit more. About tech issues, I had them, just got them sorted out before the talk started :)

@Leszek & @Pim: SORRY if you tought title is a clickbait cause I do believe that testing everything and all the time brings no value. Key is being aware that you are investing both your time and money and you should get something in return: testing is not a purpose for it self.