There are many approaches to execute PHP sub-tasks asynchronously or to parallelise PHP execution. While some solutions require extra extensions, individual PHP builds or a lot of process control management, this talk will show you how to configure and use the built-in PHP FastCGI Process Manager (php-fpm) to execute requests asynchronously in an isolated, tunable process pool and eventually handle their responses in a reactive way.


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Mihail Irintchev at 10:38 on 5 Nov 2017

A very good talk - the author presented a unique solution for dealing with background tasks, developed by himself. The content was presented in a very clear manner - easy to follow, good examples, finishing with a live demo of the solution. There was plenty of time left for Q&A, which was excellent because there was a lot of interest on behalf of the audience. I highly recommend the talk!

Anonymous at 23:04 on 5 Nov 2017

Interesting talk with real demo examples and peaker was confident on stage. I wish this talk was a little bit longer, and the sound was better on the left side of the room.