You have heard a bit about Behavior Driven Development. You have even written down your first 5 Scenarios and implemented them with Behat. You wish to write more but your head is full of questions. I have been there 2 years ago and I wish to help you.

While there are lots of Behat tutorials on the web, not many of them provide insights on how to implement it in a long-term and large-scale projects. Structuring scenarios and their implementations so that they will not change into a big ball of mud is hard. Clear guidelines on this are not easy to find on the web.

I will start the meeting with a short introduction of BDD. Then I introduce a very simple Behat set-up that you will likely have after writing your first Behat scenario. At this stage I will start extending and refactoring the code so that eventually it becomes a large-scale testing framework for your application. I will show you an exemplary set-up that supports integration, API and UI testing. I will also try to explain how to structure Behat steps, feature files and contexts in order to provide maintainable and easy to extend code.


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