Every PHP application needs its policy about tests. What is important to test, what is not, at which levels should a feature be tested. As we think of application architecture before writing a single line of code, we should think of a test architecture before implementing tests.

From this talk you will learn:
- how to transform business expectations to tests using ATDD and BDD approaches
- how to write stable tests that evolve with code
- how to deal with test data
- how to decide, should it be unit or integration test


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I really enjoyed to have advices that go beyond "this is the best practice you should always do that". Everything is explained and makes sense, and it challenges some best practices (e.g. the test pyramid) and it's explained why. Thanks!

Really good talk. Author described something that is exactly what I am trying to explain to other developers in my project. The talk presents healthy approach to testing that results in good cost/benefit ratio. I am waiting for the video to share it with others.

Very Good Talk

Tomasz Kunicki at 22:56 on 6 Nov 2017

Nice talk, but somehow had much more expectations towards this talk.