Handling layouts and blocks in templates does the job but it is very rigid, not flexible and hard to maintain. It gets even more complicated with responsive or adaptive rendering for different screen sizes.
To improve this we built a tool based on Symfony full stack so that we can:
- easily manage different layouts with zones
- add/more/remove blocks to zones with a drag and drop interface,
- reuse blocks with shared zones
- implement custom blocks by simple template and/or controller override,
- apply layouts to routes with conditions like user roles, geolocation, time, languages, etc.
The tool is envisioned to be used in front of a backend system like a CMS or a eCommerce and provide a faster and more agile way to develop complex web solutions.

The workshop is demonstrating integrating this tool with Contentful headless CMS


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+ nice tool, some people might find it useful

- not sure if it should be depicted as a "workshop", I'd rather see it as a presentation of a library
- you should explain what problem you are solving in the first place, with a use case for your company, otherwise it sounds like you are just talking about a library you wrote without a context
- since you talk about bundles, routers and show symfony-specific configuration, the description should mention one should have some basic symphony knowledge
- try to talk more about the concept and showing the actual UI at work rather then showing code that isn't so easy to grasp for people without symfony background

It's not a workshop. More like product demo for developers.
Pros: useful & tricky tool

- no a sample repository - you should share the sample app on GitHub, without that even with huge experience with symfony I was not able to keep you end up trying to reproduce all steps shown on the slides
- presentation of internal/unpublished solutions
- mixed few symfony solutions without enough explanation and the idea behind

Expectation after read a brief:
- layouts separation
- blocks design patterns
- bad practices
- tips & tricks

After the workshop I would expect you share some repository with an access to the solution that you presented.

Ivo Lukač (Speaker) at 17:28 on 5 Nov 2017

Thanks for all the feedback.

Few notes:
- I shared the slides: https://www.slideshare.net/IvoLukac/contentful-with-netgen-layouts-workshop
- I shared the repo: https://github.com/ilukac/phpce-contentful-layouts (it is possible to follow first 3 steps)
- The title says that this workshop was a demonstration of the topic
- Most of the mentioned remarks were covered in the second part after the break what few people missed