User experience is the solution for engaging client or user on a site or App. How to design a user experience for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is very important and how to design right user experience is more important. So how do you ensure that you build the best product when everyone has the same million ideas. We will be talking about MVP and Design principles:

What is Minimum Viable Product and UI/UX:
Why MVP?
The MVP is not about the Product but The product itself.
UI is not UX and UX is UI.
* Design Principles:
* Unity/HarmonyHierarchy.
* Scale/Proposition.
* Balance.
* Dominance/Emphasis.
* Similarity/Contrast.

Designing User Experience for Minimum Viable Product
How MVP and Design Principles should go parallel from day one.
How to featurise UX for MVP.
Why touring is important for MVP
By the end of session you will be able to:
* Start working on a product with MVP practices.
* How to design MVP using design principles.
* For the web, how colours, position and placement of blocks affect site traffic.
* How is UI different from UX.
* Why touring is important.


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It was hard to understand English

silesian Berg at 18:49 on 4 Nov 2017

A good talk with nice examples

The sound wasn't great, it was hard to understand, and I think it would be better not to directly read text because it doesn't help understand transitions and what's important/less important. The slides could benefit from more examples, and I was also confused that the examples of MVPs were from highly polished and profitable applications like Uber, etc. Would it make sense to show actual examples of MVPs? Or maybe I missed the point?

Good Talk

Tomasz Kunicki at 22:36 on 6 Nov 2017

To long entry to the topic, to short presentation and reading the text, but was interesting.