In this presentation, we take a first look at writing PHP extensions. Using step-by-step examples, we'll take a function written in PHP and convert them into a loadable extension using C. We'll then test both versions and compare the results. After seeing the size and scope of the benefits that can be realized with only a few minor changes, you'll want to try it out for yourself. You'll also understand why we start with simple things, and not try to rewrite all of Symfony in C.


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You are clearly one of the most knowledgeable people in PHP community xdebug is a wonderful life saver. :)
That's said I think you focused to much on token analysis although it might just be my inexperience speaking.

How so much knowledge about PHP handling our scripts could be put to use?

Ooops posted in a wrong talk that was meant for your goto talk.

Great Talk

Some stuff went over my head but non the less a very interesting topic.