Time modeling is always difficult, as well as implementing business flows inside complex domains. Long lived transactions which span multiple bounded contexts, possible success and failure scenarios are even more difficult to model, test and implement. Fortunately, we have an answer to this problem! Multiple messages, events, aggregates and bounded contexts? Not a problem, Saga pattern may be very helpful… During this talk you will learn how to model long running business processes which affect many regions inside domains, what are the best possible use-cases and when to avoid sagas.


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Dyszczo at 22:02 on 5 Nov 2017

It was ok but too blurred for me and furthermore in that point of the conference I've had the feeling that I've just heard abour 30-50% of that presentaion before(events, event's everywhere).

Anonymous at 23:02 on 5 Nov 2017

Nice talk about processing distributed transactions using commands and sagas. Talk should be located in Intermediate track, but this is my only concern. Well done :)

The talk was great. I liked the pattern managing commands and events flow.

Please try to do less 'intro/marketing' at the beginnining of presentation. Don't repeat the same words you said two hours earlier at your first presentation.

Tomasz Kunicki at 22:49 on 6 Nov 2017

Too long entry shared with ES talk, that resulted with no so much content about the saga.
Worth hearing too.