It is usually not easy to start with automatic testing of an existing web application. You may have heard that applications must be written to be “testable”. But what if you still want the confidence that your refactoring did not cause the application to crash? And even if your application is testable that does not stop you or other people from skipping writing tests in order to “save” some time because let’s face it - the application can be used even without automatic tests. We will present you our package for HTTP smoke testing that: - makes it easy to start with testing any Symfony web application - will automatically prompt you to test new pages/actions - is so cheap to use that you will not even think about skipping writing tests


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Hugo Hamon at 16:43 on 4 Nov 2017

Really interesting talk that introduced me to smoke testing. I like the live coding session to illustrate your talk. Good job!

I wonder if your library could be extracted and added to the Symfony framework by default. It may be interesting to bring it to extend the functional testing framework.

usefull tool, well presented, will try it out