Closing Keynote


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Terry Chay doesn't need my comment; he already knows what I'm typing.

A bit of the old and a bit of the new. It would get a 5 if he did not bash my beloved Gentoo. =)

Playful and entertaining while still providing very useful information. It was obvious just how long Terry has been in this industry. Liked that he talked about one of PHPs main benefits being its great expressiveness.

I should just slap a chayism here and be done with it but fact is Terry is an excellent speaker, he hit his comedic mark and definitely touched a few nerves with how disruptive new technology has to be in order to make an impression.

Anonymous at 10:23 on 27 Apr 2011

This was a great close to the 2011 PHP Community Conference in Nashville, TN. Terry Chay is a polished speaker with plenty of insight and swagger.

Absolutely entertaining and hilarious (and I do mean HILARIOUS) presentation by Terry Chay that was also very informative and necessary in parts. It was a great closing keynote speech and one that I definitely did not have trouble staying awake for. I wish that all the conferences I have been too could have a closer like Terry Chay. If they did, no one would want to leave early.