From Earth to Jupiter With NASA


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Despite the NDA, this was a fascinating look behind the scenes of a web app companies process for creating a massive system for a "space agency"

I enjoyed the discussion on how to reach people with different learning strategies plus the wireframing and process flows that are the invisible, but very useful, tools for creating great web apps.

UX process presented was solid, and the content was well-prepared, but I couldn't help but find myself being slightly bored at times.

Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation by Marcel Esser. In addition to his talk about the technology advances that have led to so many new adventures and discoveries in the past and upcoming in the near future, he also presented a different view regarding how we are all in this race together, as humans and part of this world as a whole. It was a very interesting aspect and really made me think about the things (both big and small) that we could all contribute to make OUR world a better place. I also enjoyed getting to meet Marcel after his talk and discuss his philosophies to a deeper extent. I look forward to more talks by Marcel and a time when we can all come together as humans.