Frontend Caching: The New Frontier


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This could have been a little bit shorter, but it was a pretty decent presentation and Helgi definitely displayed good knowledge and covered it well in depth.

What an incredible speaker! Extremely detailed & informative session. I really appreciate the incredible number of tools he provided, as well as going in extreme depth with ideas and ways you can increase the speed of your site, making the overall experience great.

He spoke extremely well, I say see him if speak if you can!

Very detailed talk with a wide range of ideas and practices! Lots of great info to take away and implement.

Lots of ideas and tricks I'd never heard of or thought about. Think the subject matter could have been delivered in half the time, had a hard time staying focused that long.

Great, great, great talk by Helgi about Front-end caching. Helgi was very knowledgeable about his subject matter and presented it in a way that was easy for everyone to understand, from beginners to advanced users. Look forward to any future talks by this guy.

A great set of best practices to be engrained in the heads of junior developers, and a thorough refresh for the more experienced.

I learned a lot from this talk and definitely have a few things to try out from what I've learned.

I don't agree with some of what he presented - and it's in that really positive way where he presents his logic and it's absolutely sound. If anybody implements exactly what he said, they are going to have a great site. The best thing is that he acknowledged this and mentioned the other options and explained exactly what trade offs they entail and why he chose his best practices. It was very practical and useful for the real world. Often people obsessed with optimizing systems don't recognize time and budget concerns and how over-optimizing can cause problems. Helgi gave practical, well reasoned and well explained techniques. Perfect.

He was preaching to the choir for me at least, but it was a good talk - and he was saying things that need to be said = )

I really enjoyed this talk and it serves as a great reference for those concerned about front-end performance. Definitely something I will distribute to those curious and newer devs. Everyone should be aware of the content of this talk imo. Thanks Helgi!

Very good tutorial on not only What you can do to improve performance but on Why do it.
Great command of the topic.

Clear presentation of a lot of information for both basic, intermediate, and advanced front-end strategies.