Mastering Zend Framework 2 Patterns


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Very in-depth look at ZF2 design patterns and how things are changing in the zf2 sphere. Matthew is an excellent speaker and covered things well. The length of the discussion was a bit long and perhaps the amount of stuff Matthew was covering was a bit much to absorb.

Anonymous at 16:35 on 22 Apr 2011

Lots of information, well organized, great work. Love the DI stuff.

Excellent presentation. ZF 2.0 looks very exciting!

Another excellent talk by Matthew. The best part, was the nice tip about being able to use the ZF2 classmap autoloader in ZF1 projects.

A really thorough talk, not just about the new patterns that will help development of ZF-based applications, but also about what experience to expect from ZF2 in general.