Decoupled Library Packages for PHP 5.4


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WOW!! Knowing that Aura existed and what Paul is doing with it, it made me have a real look at it. Aura seems awsome: the idea to have features (log, cache, etc) encapsulated in one single file, and the idea to have communicating interfaces to join them, its freaking awsome!!

And having Composer to tie up all this... Very good explanation about the idea and concepts! Got the idea and planning to apply in my projects (togehter with Aura!).

Paul, with his great talk, show us how to effectively create decoupled components in PHP.
I learned the real difference between a framework and a library and why to choose a library instead of a framework.
Show us real things implemented with this concept like the Aura's.
Congratulations for the talk! Very objective and direct!

Awesome talk, Paul is doing a great job in PHP community.


The talk that impressed me the most. The aura project is awesome and the idea behind it is even more awesome. Perfect explanation on how everything fits together, Congratulations!

Anonymous at 13:57 on 4 Dec 2012