Speaking for Speakers


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This was a really awesome workshop, it could only be better if we had lots more hours of it. Josh is a brilliant speaker and really passionate about teaching other people the craft of becoming a great speaker.

The mix of session and workshop with people from the crowd is a great way to pass on these skills and in the days after this it became clear to me the improvements to the quality of the speakers. It also ruined my capabilities to watch a session without analyzing a speakers every move, Josh has definitively got the means to make his message stick down to an art form.

Thank you Josh for making time for this workshop.

I attended to this session just a day before my first public presentation and it helped me A LOT on my sessions in the two following days.

In less than two hours Josh taught me more about preparing and delivering presentations than I ever learned.

He gave us a lot of tips on how to stand before an audience, how to make a point through the topics and how to prepare informative slides.

Thank you, Josh!

Impressive. I am sure that my next talks will be much better because of the tips shared by Josh.

Thank you Josh for share your huge knowledge with us!

I went to this with a "good expectation", but it just blown me away. Thanks! And keep doing this to prevent us making people sleep :P