The lost art of simplicity


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Second time i have seen this session and it was still a valid wake up call. The message and the way it is delivered is a crucial message to all developers out there who need to keep this in mind and make their lives and systems more "simple".

i believe all were satisfied with the way you explored your presentation, your communication and interaction with the audience, moved up a little of my view on microsof.. lol. and much of my outlook about myself and my actions.. thanks!

A Great speech simply like that

really inspiring

Muito boa a palestra!

The keynote was incredible, I can't believe how much things I just learned.

Probably the best keynote I ever attended.

Wonderful presentation and a very important topic = Success

Great talk... We, as developers, always try to find ways to develop the most reusable components, or try to use the latest and shiniest technology and fit it into our solutions to address a problem we don't really have at the expense of simplicity... Maybe it's time we started thinking the other way around, the SIMPLE way.

This keynote change many concepts in my life... really!

Palestra muito interessante, nos faz refletir...

This keynote was special for helping us to revise our concepts and think before we're doing. Congratulations!!

I must agree with @alganet: "Probably the best keynote I ever attended."
The topics Josh worked on were awsome. He made us developers think twice before coding.

O Josh Holmes realmente é bom, a princípio estranhei o fato de ter alguém da Microssoft palestrando, mas tenho que admitir foi uma palestra ótima.

Muito legal mesmo ver esse cara falando!

Apesar de ter certeza que 90% das pessoas que estava alí realmente não sabia a diferença entre classe e objeto (como um dos exemplos que ele deu na palestra). Já pararam pra pensar?

Josh Holmes kicked asses! :)
Lots of people were prepared to troll his keynote only because he works for Microsoft and they've end up cheering and clapping.
The keynote was enlightening and useful to everyone (from the less to the most experienced one).
Josh, congratulations for the keynote.

Impressive. That's my only words. Amazing talk.