To survive in a competitive market, a software team must be able to deploy new versions of their application as frequently as possible, delivering new features, improvements and bugfixes for their users and stakeholders. Deployments should not be limited to a certain time or to a certain number, otherwise they become a bottleneck for the development process.

To avoid disruptions when frequently deploying new versions, developers must adopt a set of practices and workflows that allow changing the database schema in production without users even noticing. As a result, the development process becomes much more safe and smooth.

I will also talk about zero downtime deployments. They are less about development practices and more about deployment automation and webserver configuration. Some tips might even make your application perform faster!


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Eugene Kaurov at 15:03 on 22 Sep 2018

It was very simple and practical explanation of so useful process!

Eugene Kaurov at 15:03 on 22 Sep 2018

Can you please also publish your slides?

Nice talk with some good guidelines that you should follow

Interesting talk with good ideas to minimize deployment problems

Good talk. A good Gideline, witch sounds easy to follow.

Eugene Kaurov at 16:25 on 22 Sep 2018

Step by step instructions are amazing!

Good talk! It's a good example for a deep knowledge talk that works without any code examples whatsoever. Skill is not about coding, but about architecture. And Ondřej definitely knows his stuff!

Very informative talk with great, practical examples, especially for the DB migrations. Also thank you for the heads up to the Nginx problems when symlinking, very helpful!

Excellent talk, very well explained.