Silex + Twig


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Great job guys. Got to just find time to play around with it now XD

Anonymous at 23:56 on 7 Apr 2014

Anonymous at 09:04 on 8 Apr 2014

On the whole, a good fun talk.

Honest feedback: I feel that you had too many slides, concentrate more on the talk and less on filler. The humour was good, but too much. The
Silex part was good, but could have done with a bit more detail and real world examples. The twig stuff was great.

3/5 would watch you both talk again.

- M

Great first joint talk by these guys, especially as they stood in last minute.

There was a lot to fit into a short presentation, with both explaining what Silex and Twig are and a little on how they work. I foudn some parts moved a little fast for me to keep up with, namely how the routing worked.

I think perhaps this talk could be split in two - with an introduction powerpoint as to what these are and why they are good, and then a seperate workshop where attendees can fork a repo before hand and then work through some basic examples with the talk leader perhaps.

++ Informative, Inspiring
-- Lacked @jonginn.

Anonymous at 17:29 on 2 May 2014

These people were not Jon Ginn. 1 star.