Are you a good Code Scout?


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Chris Sherry at 13:49 on 2 Feb 2016

Matt's concept for this talk is great and focuses on the moral and obligation side of what we do.

From the title I thought it was a talk about recruiting good developers, perhaps a slight rename could help here.
The abstract differs from the talk in some ways - I don't think the talk was, or should be, about proving scouts and developers are similar. However it did have some nice insights from lessons in the scouting world and how we can adopt those practices in our roles as developers.

There was a good use of metaphor in some of the slides and there were lots of pictures of the scouts. I'd like to see that balanced with the examples from the other side - exemplary devs or projects, code examples etc.

This talk has some great potential and is the kind that will make a perfect keynote in the future with some more energy and pace behind it (which can be forgiven after the long travel on a monday evening!)

Hugh Downer at 14:03 on 2 Feb 2016

Disclaimer: Matt's slides got jumbled moments before he gave the talk

Enjoyed this talk and really liked the concept behind it: Drawing similarities between the code of conduct scouts are taught from a young age with the type of behaviour we might expect from "good developers"

Difficult to give a "proper" rating for this because of slide jumble which understandably affected the delivery!