All Hail Out 'Bot Masters: Chatops for Fun & Profit


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A great introduction to the benefits and possibilities of introducing robots within company chatrooms to automate day-to-day tasks.

I liked that it covered both development orientated tasks (automating releases, deployment to servers) as well as how chat-ops can be used to generally improve company communication (automatically linking to tickets during conversation, finding images etc).

Would have liked to have seen a live demo of it in action, or maybe a video however.

A well presented talk about how to introduce Hubot into your development setup. It would be good for Dave to provide some code examples on how he makes Hubot shell out and run bash or capistrano deploys. After seeing Dave talk about Hubot, it was easy to see how it was useful and could provide a good insight into abstracting away business critical tools that usually depend upon developers to perform. Thanks Dave! :D

Anonymous at 17:44 on 1 Aug 2014

Very good talk. Thoroughly enjoyed it.