Taming Wordpress Theming with Twig & Timber


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Anonymous at 20:48 on 3 Nov 2015

Surprisingly good!

Jon talks with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, I'd challenge anyone to fall asleep during one of his talks. He talks clearly, perhaps a little fast at times but those nerves will go over time.

It was a tricky balance between how much twig to talk about and how much WordPress to talk about to a mixed audience of frontend and backend developers, but I feel the talk was well balanced and didn't become bogged down in any one particular area.

The best thing about this talk was that it was full of personal insight and experience of using Timber which is invaluable for anyone looking to start out with the tool. I didn't walk away feeling I knew everything to start using it straight away but that's a tall ask for a short talk, however I did feel I knew where I could find all the resources I need and that I understood it's use cases.

Anonymous at 17:00 on 9 Nov 2015

It's not everyday a talk lasting just 20 minutes can inspire you to change your whole workflow. Jon's delivery is very entertaining and keeps things interesting. My only piece of advise would be to slow down a bit. Pete.