Vagrant and Ansible


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Anonymous at 08:41 on 4 Mar 2014

Really nice introduction to some very useful tools. Are the Vagrantfile and Ansible playbook you used in the demo open source?

Great introduction to ansible, A bit more about vagrant would have been nice, but well worth loosing out for the greater coverage of ansible. Confident and relaxed speaking style, and extra kudos for a live demonstration without long awkward pauses!

Anonymous at 10:09 on 4 Mar 2014

Very useful introduction to vagrant and ansible demonstrating it's lower barrier to entry perfectly, by putting together a working solution live in front of you.

Great speaking style, very natural.

The second time I've seen Michael's talk and I still took away more knowlege about Ansible! The live demo made the talk and has inspired us all to go home and play with Vagrant + Ansible. Thank you Michael an excellent and confident talk!

Great talk by Michael on Vagrant and Ansible. I have experience with Vagrant, but never used Ansible. Came away from this talk inspired to try it out and full of ideas how it can improve our provisioning both for our dev environments in vagrant and our servers in general.

Michael is a great speaker and the live demo went smoothly. Thank you.

You can find an example playbook + Vagrantfile on Github: