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Matt Brunt at 11:18 on 26 Nov 2016

An insightful and honest talk, a good level of humour, and things that were really important to someone young in the industry who's just getting started with everything.

For someone new to speaking, the nerves didn't show, and it felt like you were a confident speaker.

For improvement, I'd suggest speaking slightly slower and slightly clearer, and maybe expand a bit more on each section with a touch more detail.

Chris Emerson at 12:51 on 26 Nov 2016

Really good talk on lessons learned entering the industry for the first time, with a good discussion at the end too. Some of it was a bit specific to certain technologies but it was focused on general principles which is good.

Cezary Bilda at 17:12 on 26 Nov 2016

Very helpful talk especially for someone like me as I will be in Kane's shoes in few months time.

Oliver Rose at 20:20 on 26 Nov 2016

Really interesting talk, and a good reminder to those who've been around the block a few times to remember where we started and what we'd love to have known back then.

James Titcumb at 18:41 on 27 Nov 2016

Not bad at all, indeed. Echoing Matt's comment about slower & clearer.
You mentioned it'd be in the form of a letter addressed to your former self, but it didn't seem delivered in that way (or emphasised enough maybe?) Thought that was a great idea, so with a bit of tweaking, that could make it a 5 star imo.