WordPress with Modern tooling


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Mike Congreve at 11:24 on 26 Nov 2016

lots of lovely tools and ideas presented clearly

Adam Cooper at 12:24 on 26 Nov 2016

Some excellent WordPress information that I didn't know about.

Ben Plummer at 21:34 on 26 Nov 2016

I've only recently used WordPress for the first time so this talk was very applicable. It offered useful overviews of modern tools that I am definitely going to look more into. Overall it was a clear and confident talk that prompted interesting discussions too.

James Hodgson at 15:47 on 9 Dec 2016

Didn't catch the talk itself but was able to get a quick run through of the slide deck from Alistair during the lunch.

It was an informative talk and great to learn about a new set of tools.