AWS, docker, Loadbalancing my experience


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Asem Alhaji at 13:06 on 25 Nov 2017

the talk was very fast. It could be simpler

I think this talk was just a bit all over the place, the chap presenting seemed to know what he was talking about but I think he just needs to add a bit more structure to the talk, and also stay on track with a format. there were technical faults with the projector (not the speaker's fault)

I ranked this two stars, but I think the speaker should 100% keep speaking.

Chris Emerson at 20:47 on 25 Nov 2017

I think Aaron did well considering the technical issues but it was sometimes hard to work out what was being talked about as there were lots of components involved and lots of talk about them. Perhaps use of the whiteboard may have made things a bit clearer but I'm new to a lot of the concepts involved around containerisation so was hard to follow at times.