Geocities and what modern web design can learn from looking back


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Good talk, I think the speaker was a little nervous and maybe a first-time speaker, I thought it was a very good job, and the topic was super important and something that does need to be highlighted.

Chris Emerson at 20:58 on 25 Nov 2017

This was quite a fun talk looking back at websites we all love to hate, and while i think the slides ran out quickly and some of the content was a bit scattered, the message was actually really clear - that we haven't necessarily got over those days of bad websites yet, just changed the very visible problems for more invisible ones in the modern day, and that message I thought was a really important one.

James Hodgson at 10:11 on 27 Nov 2017

It was great to see a talk on accessibility. The content was a bit scattered but the message was clear. I think with a little work this could be a great talk.

Nader Shamma at 10:19 on 28 Nov 2017

I need to think more about accessibility issues on my builds! A very informative talk, only advice would be to consider the structure and delivery of future talks, it felt a little scattered in places but I suspect that was simply a bit of nerves. Hazel has a promising future as a public speaker.