An interactive session

In the world of a FinTech company, a major disaster has already happened, but as of 0900 on a Friday, you don't yet know about it. As the symptoms present themselves and the root cause becomes clearer, your actions will determine how badly this Friday will go. Throw away any assumptions that you don't deploy to production on a Friday, key communications internally and externally is crucial to rebuilding your stack. The time is literally ticking away, will you accept the challenge of being in 'the chair' today.

Everyone one of your action has pro's and con's and the outcome will be based on them.


Based on a real event, this session takes from my social work as a Dungeons & Dragons DM and content creator, although you have already lost, hopefully you'll also feel like you won and take away key concepts that you can build into your own workflows.


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Asem Alhaji at 13:08 on 25 Nov 2017

Interesting session. Makes you really think about the decisions in the development environment

really enjoyed this talk, very different style and very unique, was great fun and very humorous in parts with a serious message highlighting just how much power and responsibility a developer wields :D

Chris Emerson at 20:49 on 25 Nov 2017

Really interesting way to talk about problem solving and decision making under pressure and during a serious data problem, though I sometimes found the story a tiny bit hard to follow as to what was going on, or which data was meant to be corrupt, what the patches were patching etc - so if this is cleared up a bit to make the story much clearer I think this could be a really good session. It was still very valuable as it stood!

James Hodgson at 10:16 on 27 Nov 2017

A fun session and an interesting concept. With some more work on the story and making it clearer who is in what role this could be a great session. Although it can depend upon the people who volunteer for the roles.

Nader Shamma at 10:14 on 28 Nov 2017

This was my favorite talk of the day, mostly because the situation outlined was something I've personally experienced on the ground as a low level employee. It was very engaging, I like the way the audience was involved as we walked through the timeline of the scenario. Great talk!

That was a very enjoyable session. I liked the concept and its delivery. Especially the interaction with the audience.
It would certainly be useful to businesses running this sessions once in a while as an on-boarding exercise :)

Matt Brunt at 09:16 on 8 Dec 2017

One of the most unique talks I've been to.

It was a great example of how to handle a situation in which things have already gone wrong.

Loved the audience participation and that it didn't just focus on developers, it was how everyone in a scenario (should) work together. It kicked off some great discussions afterwards from people who have been in similar situations, as well as those that hadn't ever considered the impact of what they're doing.

With a bit more time and prep, including making the timeline or where the audience is at any given point in the talk, this would be a brilliant session at any event.