TDDing a problem - phpsec a demo


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David McKay at 12:12 on 25 Nov 2017

Enjoyed watching Ciaran show us how to utilise phpspec and the TDD refactoring loop to write working code.

An excellent live coding demo of PHPSpec and how to tackle a problem with TDD approach.

Asem Alhaji at 13:04 on 25 Nov 2017

Even I was expecting to hear about phpspec but it was a great way of introducing TDD

kane menicou at 17:18 on 25 Nov 2017

Very enjoyable talk about TDD and phpspec. Great introduction to TDD.

Great talk, I have been using phpspec for quite a while now, and this talk highlighted something which I am guilty of, and that was not always going for the simplest code to make a test pass, this talk was a great demonstration of how simple code can get a working solution very quickly without having to think about the larger problem as a whole all up front.

Chris Emerson at 20:59 on 25 Nov 2017

Enjoyed this demo of both the PHPSpec tool, which I'm a fan of, and the TDD process in general using a classic problem to show how algorithms can emerge from a defined, iterative process.