Symfony is a request and response framework. But what about all that magic that happens around your code? How does security work? Why isn’t autowring slowing things down? And how is it that symfony components can be so decoupled but still play so well together?
I will show you the symfony internals

This talk will go over the architecture of Symfony. We will follow the request and the response paths throw the framework. We will do some stops at the components that are more awesome than others.
This talk is perfect for those who's worked with Symfony or Laravel before. But if you've never touched a framework before, don't worry. You will still learn a lot from this talk.


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Tobias is a great speaker with a lot of energy on the stage. Enjoyed the journey of creating Symfony from scratch.

Excellent speech. 40 minutes passed in one breath. Despite the fact that the topic was generalized - I noted for myself a lot of things and I think that it is very cool! I hope you still come to Kiev, and even better in Odessa, and even better make a workshop =)

Great presentation, for those who didn't know how symfony worked internally I can only think they now know it and had a lot of fun during the presentation, well done!

Denis Dudarev at 18:59 on 16 Jun 2018

Tobias Cheers) It was the time I involved to contribute opensource =)