The era of slow applications has passed away. The submillisecond response is a must. Can we compete in the brave new world? Does PHP has something to offer?

It is the time to finally find out what does it mean to be Parallel or Serial, Single- or Multithreaded, Concurrent or Monopoly, Synchronous or Asynchronous.

We will cover the basics and dig into the asynchronous world of event loops and promises. Why Nginx is so powerful? What makes Vert.x so performant? How NodeJs is handling that many RPS? What about PHP-FPM? Secrets will be revealed, and the truth will be unleashed.

You decided to go wild with PHP and use asynchronous framework. What should you expect? What dangers lurk in hidden places? Does it worth it? Let’s find out with some real-world system migration example to Swoole.

Swoole is when “Made In China” is not embarrassing.


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Gene Surov at 12:35 on 1 Jun 2019

Great talk by Oleksii: very detailed and practical! Kudos!!

Ivan Chornyi at 12:35 on 1 Jun 2019

Very interesting

Очень интересно и доходчиво

Andrey Nosan at 12:39 on 1 Jun 2019

Доходчиво и непринужденно. Спасибо!

Yevhen Chudniy at 13:19 on 1 Jun 2019

Cool speach!

Хороший доклад, понравилось. И полезно)