Enabling Agile through enabling BDD in PHP projects


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Konstantin gave me a brilliant insight as to what BDD really means - it's certainly not what I thought it was about. BDD is really a communication methodology, rather than a development practise. He went into detail on how this could be put into practise in the real world, which was important - and it wasn't too technical either, which I think meant that this was helpful to many people. There was some interesting discussion at the end too in the questions time, which really added to the talk.

Anonymous at 09:36 on 10 Apr 2014

The talk was surprisingly good. Rather than focusing on tools, it explained what BDD is why you'd use it. Even if you never planned to use behat / phpspec or even automate testing, you'd still learn from this presentation.

Konstantin presented an inspiring talk on BDD practices. It was a good introduction on how to useful BBD can be as a communication tool. Some of the slides were hard to see as the text was in a pale yellow and blue colour but this may of been the projector. Thank you Konstantin, this is something we'll be looking at soon!

Well explained and paced nicely. Konstantin gave easy to follow examples, and the visual aids showed you clearly how it all fit together in the bigger scheme of things. There were useful points to take away that weren't dependent on specific technology, making this hopefully accessible to all levels of expertise.

This was a *really* good talk. The content was really relevant to what we're doing and is likely to have a big impact on how we do it.

This talk really helped me understand BDD and also agile better. Konstantin delivered the talk at a very easy going pace and at a level that everyone understood. I would be interested in hearing a more in-depth talk about Behat.