The benefit of sneezing code into an editor vs clean code


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A long talk essentially about when to chose a coding style. So many analogies that I lost track of what we were talking about at times, but I did enjoy talking ravioli and milking your server. Although I still have no idea what Technical Debt actually is. Perhaps some real world examples?

I found the concepts were repeated a few times, which did make them sink in a bit better, but it felt a bit strained. The Why could have been wrapped up in the When I think.

The whole talk is based on a running analogy which didn't really work for me. Marathon to me means 'big' rather than 'slow'. Perhaps 'sprint' and 'jog' might be better, with jogging allowing you time to take in the scenery (more analogy! ;)).

Plus as someone who works in a fast paced RAD style job I found the inevitable panning of RAD frameworks and the glorification of Symfony quite amusing, even if it did take 45 minutes to finally bubble to the surface.

I'd like to see more real world examples which demonstrate when to 'sprint' and when to 'jog', also a real world example of technical debt & interest and some use-cases for when using RAD tools is a good thing. Perhaps replace the whole section on finance with code these code based examples.

Anonymous at 11:50 on 14 Aug 2014

There are many factors that determine how to deliver something that balances the requirements of all people involved.

Dave talks about his experiences and shares some insight into the decision making process.

What came across is the importance of learning different approaches and understanding that sometimes a quick messy solution is the best option, sometimes something of the shelf and hacked a bit might meet the needs, and sometimes heavily layered well designed code is the best approach.

There is no one right way to do things, and the talk did a good job of explaining methods to help make the decision process easier.

Anonymous at 19:48 on 16 Aug 2014

I found metaphors added to the talk by keeping things interesting and humorous.

I agree with David that I found the concept had been repeated a bit too much.

I would personally suggest if you could cover a way to better recognize when to prioritize sprinting/sneezing on a project (from a technical and project management point of view).

Enjoyed the talk, and picked up some interesting ideas; mainly rating for the type of work being done from sprint to marathon. Usually a fan of humorous tangents, though i felt a few went a bit too far off track.

Overall very good and informative talk.

Really enjoyed the pasta analogies, although they did make me a bit hungry.

The talk was perhaps was a little long, and I don't think there was an actual explanation of what technical debt is. Would be interested to hear a talk which just covers clean code, technical debt and some of the uncle Bob Martin topics.

I enjoyed the talk overall though. It was a good reminder that you shouldn't always write beautiful code and it depends on the context.

Thanks for the talk Dave!