Functional PHP


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Definitely some interesting concepts, some that I could relate to and some that were new to me. Was also cool to see map/reduce things being used in a context outside of NoSQL things. Hasn't completely sold me on it, but some methodologies I'm going to take home and investigate, for sure. Thanks Simon, really enjoyed!

Anonymous at 13:27 on 13 Feb 2014

Very interesting to see some alternative techniques. I felt the history lesson went on a little too long for me, but otherwise a very well put together talk.

Good talk. I learned a fair bit, much more than I was expecting. I agree the history element could be cut down. Crucially, this would allow more time for drinking beer. Also, an elegant real world example would be great that is more saleable than the sum example (Appreciate it's not easy and if I think of one, I will email it to you).

Have to be honest the title of the talk didn't really fill me with excitement, but actually found the talk really interesting. Well presented, liked the historical aspect to the talk to give it context as well, would have been happy for this bit to be expanded on a little more actually.

Very interesting and well written talk with lots of on topic Olympics references! I enjoyed the history part and feel that it is something we should all be aware of.

I would be interested in seeing a follow up talk which goes into more aspects of functional programming.