How I use PHPStorm day-to-day


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I was sure this was going to spark an IDE war, but surprisingly not. I think focusing more on less features might've done this better, as it was quite a whirlwind of a gazillion features, none of them really sank in as memorable. I can't help thinking perhaps picking 3/4 really cool features and focusing on JUST exploring those would've done better, with a bit at the end listing the other features (without going into detail) - just wetting the appetite really, rather than being a tutorial! Cheers Gareth.

Anonymous at 13:25 on 15 May 2014

Really enjoyed the talk. Interesting and engaging speaker.

A good overview and taster of PHPStorm and also another dev's workflow.

While very speedy, I thought I got the gist of the benefits of PHPStorm. Plus, it was a good laugh each time the boxes started taking over Gareth's screen. An engaging presentation.